Meteorites rain in Russia, more than 400 injured, violent explosions in the atmosphere at low altitude

MOSCOW – A meteor shower this morning resulted in violent explosions at low altitude in the atmosphere in the Urals and central regions of Russia. The agencies reported, citing local authorities and witnesses said.

More than 400 people were injured, three of them seriously, the meteor shower this morning that resulted in violent explosions at low altitude in the atmosphere in the Urals and central regions of Russia. This was reported by Interfax news agency stating that are 6 cities that have been damaged.

The meteor shower “is proof that not only the economy is vulnerable, but the entire planet,” said Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, hoping that the event will not cause serious consequences. At the same time Medvedev, as reported by Kommersant FM radio, suggested that the fall of the celestial bodies become “a symbol of the forum” current economic conditions in Siberia.

According to the expert of celestial mechanics Andrea Milani of the University of Pisa and head of the research group NEODyS, which specializes in calculating the orbits of the asteroids closer to Earth. “There is no connection between the meteor shower in Russia and the flyby of the asteroid 2012 DA14. Between the two events – he said – there is no relationship.”

Among the meteor shower and there can be no passage of the report, he said Milani, because between the two phenomena, there is a distance of 24 hours. To get an idea of ​​what it is this time, he said, considering that “in an hour an asteroid can walk a million miles.” The 24 hours between the two winds then translate into a considerable distance in space. “For this reason – said the expert – there is not any region suggest a link between the two events.”

“The images of the meteor shower that are circulating on the Internet – says Milani – show a trail that seems characteristic of an asteroid impact. E ‘therefore likely to cause the meteor shower has been the impact of an asteroid, of course different from 2012 DA14, and probably smaller than this. “

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