Gold, Weapons Banks and the Pope

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone repeated in recent days, since the announcement of the resignation of the pope, there is no backstage Catholic Church a bitter and nasty power struggle. This is a colossal untruth. Joseph Ratzinger decided to resign because of scandals and crimes that followed have long dominated the intramural the Holy See, starting with scandals involving the Vatican Bank, a well-known and long-established international money laundry.

It does not help Pope Benedict XVI interlocutors use to vent anger over the scandal of former butler Paolo Gabriele, accused of stealing secret documents of the Holy See and transferring them to the press. Gabriele was just the puppet of a storyline previously tested by members of the Vatican dome to stop the criminal arms drop between two factions for centuries face off in the wings of Catholicism. His indignation was true, Ratzinger, as head of state, would not have forgiven the butler Gabriele in December 2012.
Who is dueling with Tarcisio Bertone Cardinal Angelo Sodano, his predecessor as secretary of state and connected to the Knights of Malta, an organization that historically was known as the armed wing of the Vatican and closely linked to the CIA, the U.S. intelligence American also provides services to the Holy See, through some Maltese knights. Pressed by Sodano, Pope Benedict XVI, in his last official acts as pontiff appointed German Ernst von Freyberg as president of the Vatican Bank, known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR).
Lawyer Ernst von Freyberg, 54, will hold the position that had been vacant for nine months since the resignation of Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, banished from the financial institution in circumstances far unclear, but in the wake of a scandal over money laundering criminal groups.
Devout Catholic, as well as former president of the bank, Von Freyberg is also a member of the Knights of Malta and the organization responsible for finance in Germany. The issue gained ground in international news is the new president of the Vatican Bank will continue as chairman of the German shipyard Blohm + Voss, dedicated to warships and currently builds four frigates for the German government.
The Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, said on Friday (15) that “the pope expressed his full consent to the appointment of von Freyberg.” It turns out that Joseph Ratzinger had no choice because it was pressed to name the lawyer for the German presidency of the Vatican, where just work and maintain bank accounts members of the clergy, religious orders, diplomats and advisers of the Supreme Pontiff.
The appointment of Ernst von Freyberg angered many religious factions that gravitate in the orbit of the Vatican dome and has everything to be a huge problem for the next pope. To minimize the effects of which continue leaking information by bins of St. Peter’s Square, the spokesman said Beto XVI does not know the new president of the Vatican bank, the choice was made by the council of cardinals.
A statement on Federico Lombardi Ratzinger did not know the new president of the Vatican Bank is the newest joke santa. Not enough the fact that both are German, Joseph Ratzinger and Ernst von Freyberg integrate the Knights of Malta. And it was no accident that one of the last hearings of the pope, before the announcement of the resignation, it was dedicated to Matthew Festing, the Order supreme capo. Other than that, just some pictures of Pope Benedict XVI with the insignia of the Order of the Knights of Malta in his clothes during official ceremonies.
As mentioned above, Angelo Sodano is linked to the Knights of Malta and the oldest member of the College of Cardinals, who chose the name Ernst von Freyberg ever to chair the untrained Vatican Bank. That is, this enxadrismo crime, camouflaged with the myrrh of faith, there is no innocent.
Many have criticized the fact that the Catholic Church has appointed to head the Vatican bank that someone connected to the war industry, which in theory seems to be a contradiction, but that familiarity with this sector is not new in the Holy See’s former president bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, is investigated by Italian authorities for involvement in a corruption scandal at one end Finmeccanica, Italian defense industry. Tedeschi, who prepared a dossier on the three years he headed the Vatican bank, had his home and his office turned over by the police.
But that’s not all the intimacy of the Vatican with the defense industry, which is normal for an institution that, while exhaling prayers liars and deceivers meets rites, dedicated to crimes such as murder and money laundering, always with the help of some of their armed wings. For those unaware, the Vatican Bank is the second largest shareholder of the Italian Pietro Beretta arms Ltd., known worldwide, surpassed only by the business Beretta Holding SpA, controlled by group Gussalli Ugo Beretta.
On another matter we report the involvement of the Vatican with the 3rd Reich, Adolph Hitler, and as arms of the Holy See acted to launder money from organized crime and black market work in gold, and collusion with dictators.


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