Boston Marathon Meets Crisis Actors

What’s the difference? It is virtually equally evil to fake a massacre as to commit one. Was the Boston bombing faked to such a degree that there weren’t any injuries: and the injuries that do appear to have occurred were fake?

There is considerable evidence of actors on the scene at the Boston bombing event. Could they have been professional actors familiar with the use of fake blood?


2 responses to “Boston Marathon Meets Crisis Actors

  1. People were standing close to both blasts. Explosions of this intensity will cause serious injury to persons in the vicinity whether the devices are armed with shrapnel or not. When were the “actors” brought in? How and when were the fake blood and injuries applied? How and when did the property damage happen? Were all of these things carried out in the few seconds between the devices going off and the first helpers/viewers arriving? How could this be achieved?

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