The Terror Drills That Became Real: From Oklahoma City to Boston


Just like the OK City bombing, 9/11, the 7/7 Londing bombings and the Aurora theater and Sandy Hook school shootings, identical or related official drills were scheduled at the same time and place in both Boston and now Texas. Coincidence? Oh yes for sure!!!

Just days after an official bombing simulation went live during the Boston Marathon, a massive Texas Hospital drill goes live Thursday after a gigantic nearby industrial explosion.

The amazing coincidences just keep pouring in. One giant disaster or terrorist attack after another seems to always magically coincide with some sort of government-related or official drill, practicing the very same scenario, that just so happens to be scheduled at the same time and at the same location, or very nearby.

Just moments before the bombs went off, around 4 hours into Monday’s Boston Marathon for instance, officials could be heard over the loud-speakers telling everyone to “remain calm, this is only an exercise.”

Multiple witnesses interviewed after the bombing were quoted as saying they remember hearing the peculiar warning after seeing an unusual amount of security and bomb-squad personnel, around the same timethe national news media was reporting on multiple other potential bomb locations around the city of Boston, likely related to the exercise. All of which being reported as duds, except for the two near the marathon’s finish line, of course.

As if everyone in America should be playing the Powerball this weekend however, another incredible coincidence has occurred, where the instance of a drill miraculously coinciding with the existence of the need for the personnel running the drill, kicked off at the most opportune time and location.

Coming to light Thursday, only hours after a huge industrial explosion took out a Texas fertilizer plant, also taking out a portion of the small town of West, TX, potentially injuring or killing hundreds more, just so happens to be a little more than an hour’s drive from a huge hospital drill, coincidentally scheduled for the very same day.

According to a blog run by North Hills Hospital, Thursday’s drill had to be cancelled to shift resources from the drill to the nearby catastrophe. The blog update reads as follows:

Update on the drill (posted 4/18): Due to the events in West, Texas last night, North Hills Hospital and the NCTTRAC have chosen to cancel today’s emergency preparedness drill. Many of the same resources planned for the drill have already deployed to West to help care for the victims down there.

The fertilizer plant, owned by a company that filed a lawsuit against Monsanto in 2007, was totally destroyed by the explosion only one day from the anniversaries of both the OK City Bombing and the infamous final Waco Branch Davidian siege that took place only 20 miles away.

A few other instances of coincidental drills going live, at the very locations where catastrophic and tragic events took place, are detailed below:

The OK City Bombing was quite possibly the most gut wrenching terror attack in the country’s history. The presence of a daycare center, full of children at the time, made the devastation of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that much more tragic.

Blamed on Timothy McVeigh, who would be convicted and eventually put to death for the crime, the bombing would ultimately claim the lives of 168 people, including 19 children.

The irony of the circumstances however was the fact that a nearby drill was being conducted by the OK City ATF and it’s bomb-squad, simulating almost the exact same scenario that played out during the bombing that morning.

Because of the extraordinarily coincidental drill, none of the ATF or their staff, whose offices were housed in the building, happened to be in the building at the time and all escaped injury as a result.

Even though the bombing was blamed solely on a truck bomb parked on the street in front of the building, that very bomb-squad was reported by local news that morning being seen removing two more bombs from inside the building.

During the 9/11 terror attacks in lower Manhattan, one of the most coincidental drills in history, being run by Vice President Dick Cheney, ended up causing mass confusion for the military’s air traffic radar system, when the very scenario being exercised went live.

Operations Vigilant WarriorVigilant Guardian and others were amazingly envisioning hijacked planes that were targeting high-profile buildings and landmarks.

The drill’s artificially installed radar blips sent vital resources like military aircraft away from the hijacked planes and confused both public and military air traffic control, rendering those systems temporarily useless, at the most inopportune time of the attacks.

FEMA was also coincidentally on hand for the attacks, as they too had the presence of mind to set up shop in Lower Manhattan the day before 9/11, in preparation for their own drill that was scheduled for the following morning. Needless to say, that drill was cancelled as well.

During the 7/7 London bombings, police officials in London are on the record as being unimaginably shocked as the exact same scenario they were rehearsing also went live in the exact same location they were rehearsing it.

The remarkable coincidence allowed police, bomb-squad and emergency personnel to simply switch over from drill mode to live on the exact same bus and train stations, at the exact same time the attacks of 7/7 occurred.

Peter Power, Managing Director for Visor Consultants, involved in running the drill for the anonymous contractor, was quoted on the day of the attacks saying, “We based our scenario on the simultaneous attacks on the mainline and underground station. So we had to suddenly switch our exercise from fictional, to real.”

Other notable high-profile scenarios where official drills being conducted magically went live at the same time and at or near the area where an attack or tragedy took place: The Oslo Norway Massacre – The Sandy Hook school shootings – The Aurora theater shootings


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  1. Jade Helm 2015 is planned for this summer and I believe there will be a false flag at the same time as all the other ones. This is summer the SHTF By the way Jade Helm means ( Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution- Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.) That should scare the H-LL out of you!

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