HAARP Frequencies To Test Thursday Over Oklahoma For Tornado Outbreak

Hard-hit Oklahoma is hunkering down for another round of tornadoes after a severe storm system caused two small twisters Thursday afternoon. The Weather Service said a tornado touched ground Thursday near the town of Perkins in northeast Oklahoma.

A second tornado was reported near Ripley, about 10 miles to the east. There were no immediate reports of injuries. A third twister was reported near Oden, Arkansas, a rural area in the western part of the state.

The Weather Service said the threat of tornadoes for eastern Oklahoma and northwest and west-central Arkansas remains through Thursday night; tennis-ball-size hail, strong wind and isolated flooding are a concern.

HaarpStatus Facebook Page has released a statement claiming to be testing a tornado experiment on Oklahoma today.  Their experiment states that frequencies have been turned up to the highest level and that people need to be aware.


Sounds like something out of science fiction.  Can we really control the weather?  No one knows exactly where and when tornadoes will strike, but this group is claiming that if deadly tornadoes strike Oklahoma today then HAARP was responsible for it.  Now the question remains … Is the group secretly the actual HAARP facility?

How else do they pinpoint areas to be destroyed and no one else seems to understand how?  Many questions have been left unanswered by HaarpStatus Facebook Admins but one thing is for certain, they seem to know where the activity is going to be.  It’s likely that they are controlling the weather themselves.  Or … they are detecting and relaying.

HaarpStatus is an interesting project, but there is something dark about the entire project.  Is it for detection or are they the ones with a HAARP like weather machine?

One response to “HAARP Frequencies To Test Thursday Over Oklahoma For Tornado Outbreak

  1. stop fucking with the weather, stop messing around with mother nature!

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