In 2012, 905 “natural” disasters in the world, which cost 170 bln dlr

The natural disasters that occurred in 2012 have cost the world $ 170 billion. According to a report from the Worldwatch Institute, according to which two-thirds of this amount were paid by the U.S., which instead has seen about a quarter of the events.

The American NGO has recorded 905 natural disasters last year, 93% of which related to the weather while the rest ‘related to geophysical phenomena, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 26% of disasters and ‘occurred in North America, 15% in Europe, 37% in Asia, 6% in Oceania, 5% in South America and 11% in Africa. ” Compared to 2011, which had a record number of disasters in the past year may ‘be called’ moderate ‘, but not for the U.S. – experts explain the NGO, which are based on data from the insurance company King Munich – losses in the United States were the second ever after 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina.”


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