Banned McDonald’s in Bolivia: The corporation must close all its restaurants

The image cheerful transgenic McDonald’s Corporation and its golden arches are the gateway to happiness in Bolivia. The South American country rejects Monsanto spam, ingredients, and cooking methods of fast food that other nations such as Argentina continue to tolerate. Bolivians simply not allow the distribution of “meals” toxic McDonald’s on its soil.

Sixty percent of Bolivians are indigenous, and culture directly considered unworthy, health and pocket, set foot in a McDonald’s. Despite the relatively cheap prices of fast food, McDonald’s could not brainwash the indigenous population of Bolivia proud inducing it to eat your BigMacs, or McRibs McNuggets. While waiting for the bus at a stop in front of a corporate restaurant, an Indian woman named Esther Shock said: “The day I was nearest of those burgers rained pitchers and climbed the stairs to the door does not get wet.” “Then a couple of employees came to me out saying he was dirtying the place. Why should I care if McDonald’s gone from Bolivia?”

A decade of lost every year

According to reports, fast food stores McDonald’s in the Bolivian cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, worked with financial losses every year for a decade. The McDonald’s franchise persisted also during that time, showing that the purpose of the corporation is not billed but intoxicating. After 14 years in the country, its extensive network could not compete with a chain Bolivia. Finally, Bolivia rejected the program of McDonald’s fast food. Very soon, the company will definitely leave the country.

Deep cultural rejection

The shocking failure of McDonald’s and their expulsion from Bolivia were so important that immediately filmed a documentary entitled: “Why McDonald’s broke in Bolivia?”. Chefs, nutritionists, historians and educators, participated in this documentary that examines the unpleasant reality of how to prepare the food at McDonald’s and why Bolivians reject “fast food philosophy.”

70 chemical ingredients

Did you know that the McRib is processed with 70 different ingredients including azodicarbonamide, a bleaching agent for flour often used in the production of plastic foam? The McRib contain a mixture of gut, heart and stomach of transgenic cows, and other additives highly injurious to health produced by Monsanto.

This is the disgusting idea that Bolivians have rejected in their country.

The rejection of Bolivia to McDonald’s has set a good example to the rest of the world should follow


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