Turkey: clashes continue to Taksim Square. ‘Chemicals in the hydrants’

Clashes between police and protesters are underway in some districts of Istanbul, Taksim Square which is besieged by a massive policing arrangements. The governor of Istanbul has not authorized the event organized for today Taksim Square.

Are already reported clashes with police, who used tear gas and water cannons, the Alawite district of Gazi in Sisli, Kurtulus and Harbiye. The police blocked the bridge over the Bosporus to prevent demonstrators coming from the Asian shore to come closer.

ERDOGAN TO THE SQUARE OF SUPPORTERS: CLEAN GEZI PARK – turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in front of a crowd of supporters in Istanbul that was his duty to “clean up” yesterday Gezi Park, occupied by anti-government protesters and assaulted by the police. “The operation was conducted yesterday,” he added, noting that the park and Taksim Square “have been cleaned up.”

Stinging HYDRANT IN THE POLICE, THE PICTURES ON THE WEB – Chemical stinging water hydrants used by Turkish police against demonstrators antgi-Erdogan after the suspicions aroused by the strange wounds encountered by physicians on Children affected by water cannons, have come now even pictures. On the internet outputs are photos of Turkish agents who charge the tanks with water cannons blue with the words ‘Jenix’. It is a stinging sold in Turkey, according to the website that sells it, for military, police and gendarmerie. The photos of the tanks of chemicals were taken by Italian activists in Istanbul and published on the website of the Global Project. In a press conference held this morning discussed the Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu has denied that the water dell’idranti there are dangerous substances, admitting only the presence of “medicine.”

AFTERNOON HIGH RISK – This afternoon is considered high-risk incidents in Istanbul, where they were called almost simultaneously two events to the contrary, the government party and of the anti-Erdogan. The Islamic party AKP of Prime Minister has provided a concentration with tens of thousands of people to support Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The protesters have called for a demonstration in Taksim – but it is guarded by a massive policing arrangements, which do not permit access – to protest against the brutal assault by the forces of anti-riot yesterday in Gezi Park and demand the resignation of head of government. They’re hoping for a million protesters. On twitter the event was convened yesterday with the hashtag ‘# 1MilyonYarinTaksime’ (Tomorrow 1 Million in Taksim).


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