Global manhunt for Snowden continues

By Adrien Taylor

Whistleblower Edward Snowden has managed to duck under the radar of the world’s media and the United States government.

But WikiLeaks – the website whose founder is also evading the far reaching arm of American law – told 3 News it knows where Snowden is.

Flight CU6150 flies most days from Russia to Cuba, but when it took off yesterday there was a notable passenger missing from this seat.

Snowden, the man who revealed the US surveillance of the communications of people all over the world, is now trying to flee the government that once employed him.

“This is a man who has been accused publicly now with the complaint that’s been filed against him of three counts of espionage. It’s a very serious offence,” said John Kerry.

The fact that Snowden has been charged with espionage for revealing government surveillance is an irony not lost on WikiLeaks, the website devoted to publishing leaked material.

It says it’s in touch with Snowden and knows where he is.

“He is safe at the moment,” said WikiLeaks spokesman, Kristinn Hrafnsson. “I cannot disclose his location nor his travel arrangement but I can say that he is safe and in good spirits.”

The former national security agency employee has fled from Hawaii to Hong Kong to Russia.

It’s believed he may fly to Cuba to seek refuge in neighbouring Venezuela or Ecuador, who has already allowed Julian Assange to stay in its London embassy for over a year.

WikiLeaks says Snowden is a hero for releasing the information. It’s providing him with legal advice and help in his asylum bids.

It’s hopeful his actions will inspire Americans to stand up to government surveillance.

“Let’s hope they wake up to the sober reality that the government is taking matters too far away from the basic principles on which the country was founded upon,” said Mr Hrafnsson.

The Obama administration is scrambling to limit the damage caused by those prepared to subvert its control of state information – which is now a growing list.



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