Pedophilia, new charges against Cardinal Dolan

New revelations on the front of one of the pedophilia scandals in America see involved the Catholic Church. Some files published by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, reveal that in 2007 the then archbishop, Cardinal Timothy Dolan – now archbishop of New York and head of the American bishops – asked the Vatican for permission to move about 57 million dollars in a trust fund.

This – himself wrote Dolan, “to better protect these funds from any legal appeals and claims” presented by victims of sexual abuse by priests dell’acidicesi. Dolan has always rejected these allegations, calling them “old and attacks aimed at discrediting his image.” The fact is that the Vatican – as is clear from the papers – moved quickly to give the go ahead to the request of the archbishop, although often it took years – writes the New York Times – for the removal of priests who he knew were involved in cases of sexual abuse of minors. From the popular file shows the profile of crirca 42 priests involved. Dolan was Archbishop of Milwaukee from 2002 to 2009.


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