Drones: First Time in Football

When you are sitting in the highest places of a stadium and it is said, almost to console the distance from the field, “however, as you can clearly see the box”?

Here, this thing here. And ‘the latest in terms of technology but, more importantly, is the ultimate weapon provision of Delio Rossi, from today, will observe the movements of his Sampdoria in training thanks to a drone, to be precise a “Quadrone , “which will resume sessions tactics from above.

More precisely, it is a specimen of drone which will provide the technical and his staff pictures taken from the top to enable the completion of the defensive or the technique of the kick, the geometries of short passing in midfield and in attack .
The quadricottero in question is a contraption that is part of the family of aircraft UAV stands for Unmanned aerial vehicles, planes, in short, be able to fly without the presence of a crew on board. The guide can be carried out with a system of autopilotaggio or, and this is the case, from the ground with a system of ‘remote piloted’ consists of a console and a joystick. Obviously this peaceful mini-drone is equipped with a system to take pictures and make movies that send directly to a storage system in wi-fi.

A species of bumblebee to 4 meters in height buzzes on the heads of the players and that is capable, thanks to its high-precision optics, to document even sores. Today experimentation in Bogliasco, where the steering wheel contraption has caused no little amusement and some annoyance due to noise you want a sense of control constant, continuous and discrete at all.


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