Mass. cop suspended for releasing photos of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s capture

A Massachusetts State Police officer furious about Rolling Stone magazine’s rock-star portrayal of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev released his own photos showing the alleged terrorist’s capture — and was promptly suspended.

Sgt. Sean Murphy provided photos to Boston Magazine on Thursday, to show what he characterized as the suspect’s more genuine personality — evil — rather than the celebrity shot published on Rolling Stone’s cover, Fox News reported.

Just a few hours later, Boston Magazine editor John Wolfson tweeted that the officer had been relieved of duty.

“Sgt. Sean Murphy relieved of duty. Post coming shortly,” he tweeted.

The Huffington Post reported that Sgt. Murphy’s been relieved of duty — not fired. But he’s also been ordered to keep away from the media.

Sgt. Murphy confirmed on CNN late Thursday evening that he’s on leave and has a hearing scheduled with police administrators next week.

This was Sgt. Murphy’s statement, after the Rolling Stone cover of Tsarnaev went public, the Huffington Post reported: “As a professional law enforcement officer of 25 years, I believe that the image that was portrayed by Rolling Stone magazine was an insult to any person who has ever worn a uniform of any color or any police organization or military branch, and the family members who have ever lost a loved one serving in the line of duty.”


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