Fukushima: ‘radioactive water into the sea’, the admission

Tepco, the Japanese company that runs the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant for the first time today admitted that radioactive water accumulated under the Central are over the Pacific Ocean.

Admission is gained in the aftermath of the wide victory of the Liberal Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and allies of the New Komeito’s elections partial replacement of the Upper House, largely favorable to the restart of nuclear reactors. In addition, for some time, the values ​​on the radioactivity in the waters of the aquifer under the Central devastated by the earthquake / tsunami on 11 March 2011 showed a sharp rise in values​​, up to 110 multiply by the percentages of cesium 134 in samples collected between ocean and reactors. TEPCO, however, argued that the impact of radioactive leak, largely coming from the bases of the buildings of the reactors is limited, in view of the fact that “there are increased rates of abnormal radioactivity”


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