The flight of tourists from the oil spill

Thailand is mobilized to defend themselves from the oil spill that threatens tourist havens and fish resources after the spill of 50,000 liters of crude oil from a pipeline off the coast of Rayong province in the east of the country.

Hundreds of soldiers and volunteers work tirelessly to clean up the beaches of Ao Phrao on the western side of the island of Koh Samet, from 5000 liters of oil that have invaded. But the disaster progresses, and images from the show a huge black spot looming over a wide stretch of coast.

And Greenpeace, that the amount ‘of oil ended up in the sea and’ much higher than 50,000 liters declared by the national PTT Global Chemical Society, warns and warns that once the emergency passed the most damage will be caused to those corals and the food chain of fish.

The environmental organization takes the field stating that “it is time to stop the madness of oil extraction, in Thailand as in the Arctic,” and the Italian section points out that “our coasts are besieged by dozens of requests for research of a few drops that would be enough oil to Italy for a few weeks.

But a disaster, even a modest one, in a few hours would cause damage “as happened in Thailand. Greenpeace has already written to the Environment Minister to inform him of the threats of drilling coming soon,” but did not get any answer. “And while it becomes clear clear that Koh Samet in three days, a stated goal of PTT, and ‘impossible, it is already’ collapsed reservations at resorts on the island, visited each year by a million tourists mostly ‘Chinese and Russian, but also in Thailand, due to its proximity to Bangkok.

Oil and ‘was collected in thousands of buckets and bags, but sand and cliff remain black. From the beach affected were evacuated already ‘yesterday tourists who were in three hotels in the medium-high. And although the beaches of the eastern sector were not involved, many among the guests have decided to return to the mainland.


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