Desperate Greece allows sale of expired food

In Greece, the drama of the crisis seems to be never-ending. Given that the government recently allowed supermarkets to sell expired goods.


The new code, entering into force on the coming September 1st, would allow Greek supermarkets to sell food items beyond their sell by date, at lower prices. Specifically, they will be obliged to sell them separately in specially labelled racks.

The condition of the expired food to be sold relays solely at the responsibility of the seller, with offenders facing fines ranging from € 1,000 to € 5,000.

Restaurants and bars are forbidden from selling those goods, leading the public outrage at defining the law as discriminatory for the Greek population. What is impressive is that the measure does not contravene EU legislation. In view of the fact that 1) the packages showing an expiration date with date and month can be sold up to a week; 2) those with an expiration date indicating the month and the year can be sold up to a month; 3) the ones with an expiration date showing just the year can be sold up to three months.


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