Why 46% Of Americans Suspect 9/11 Was An Inside Job

By: David Tigabu

On the 12th anniversary of the attacks that forever changed this country, a new poll came out by the internet market research group YouGov. The poll dealt with governmental claims concerning what happened on September 11, and how much the public has bought into them. After being shown a 30-second video of the Building 7 collapse, respondents were then asked how they interpreted the source of the building collapse.

While the poll was sponsored by the 9/11 Truth movement, it was conducted by a reputable firm. An amazing 46% said they thought the building collapsed as the result of a controlled demolition, compared to just 28% who believe the official account of a fire. Additionally, 38% of respondents said they had trouble believing the government’s broader account of what happened on that fateful day, 10% do not believe the government at all, and 12% don’t know what to believe. But this extends beyond September 1. What this poll and others like it point to is a profoundbreakdown in Americans’ trust for major institutions. Americans have simply lost faith in the institutions that have historically secured the trust of large amounts of people, whether it’s the government, the church, the media, corporations, or even vaccination programs. Gross abuses within these institutions by U.S. leaders has spurred major contempt and distrust, and with each abuse made public, the level of paranoia appears to grow.

And this cannot be characterized as totally irrational or excessively paranoid. After all, these are the same institutions that led us into an unnecessary, expensive, and bloody war all built on a lie. These are the same institutions that defrauded homeowners through lending practices andforeclosure fraud. These are the same institutions that have proven that they are more interested in covering the skin of their own, and shielding themselves from prosecution, than investigating serious crimes like child rape. Stories like the more recent NSA revelations, as important as they are, have become less and less surprising. Americans have simply lost faith in the ability of major institutions and their leaders to tell the truth.

Faced with a mountain of evidence implicating major institutions, American distrust can in fact be characterized as rational. In that light, it becomes easier (but not too much easier) to comprehend the strange Sandy Hook conspiracies that were floating around. It may explain some of the visceral opposition to a Syrian strike as well. If you are out long enough, you can feel the levels of paranoia in the air. It becomes readily apparent when you tell someone that you are studying political science, and they take the time to convey to you their seemingly whacky conspiracy theory about one issue or another. Of course there has always been groups of people that have held fast to the conspiracy theory model of explanation. But as this.

People feel like they don’t have much to hold on to. This feeling was articulated in an op-ed by Thomas Day on the heels of the Jerry Sandusky revelations. Day, an Iraq war veteran, Penn State graduate, Catholic, and a member of the now infamous second mile program, appears to be the poster boy of this phenomenon on resume alone. Day states:

“This week the world found the very worst of human nature in my idyllic Central Pennsylvania home. I found that a man my community anointed a teacher and nurturer of children, instead reportedly had them hiding in his basement. The anger and humiliation were more than I could bear. I can’t wait for my parents’ generation’s Joshua any longer. They’ve lost my faith.”

While the characters within the story may be different, this larger story of distrust when it comes to leaders and institutions to do right is becoming increasingly shared. Crumbling trust in major institutions is not a desirable feature of any society.


One response to “Why 46% Of Americans Suspect 9/11 Was An Inside Job

  1. The Sandy Hook complete hoax is what woke me up to all this garbage, of which I heretofore was completely unaware. Now that I “see” it, I am starting to see all the other lies as they quickly become very apparent.

    The Salon article you link doesn’t even address the ridiculous issues that prove it was a hoax, such as the Halstead family connections (father fire chief, daughter fire volunteer and first responder gatekeeper, wife 911 dispatcher who would not release the info. later on, son FEMA grant writer, ex-wife the secretary who was in the closet in the school for four hours?! after the shooting was over); how no first responders were allowed in the building and the police declared the victims dead?!; no one was medi flighted or slightly injured or had CPR performed; the way the bodies were left in the building overnight and then spirited away in the middle of the night, presumably in one big truck (were they all piled on top of each other in a heap?) and none of the parents ever wanted to see their children’s bodies in the school; the fact that most parents had lived in Newtown less than a year and many were either professional or amateur actors and musicians (performers) and several families then moved out of Newtown in January or February 2013; Wayne Carver’s letter a year prior to the shooting stating he would resign if CT did not pass a state law forbidding the info. of pediatric autopsies made public which, of course, that absurd law was passed prior to the shooting; Lynn McDonnell’s duping delight and Sharpie opus; Veronique Pozner’s emotionless gun control dissertation less than a week after her son was murdered; the chemtrails that were laid as a smoke screen the morning of the shooting per NASA satellite footage APP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3ZoiCuBbj8 ; the leaves still on the trees in several helicopter shots even though it was December, thus indicating the footage was probably taken during a drill in October; no 500 children nor their parents shown leaving the school premises; all the cars in the SH parking lot facing the same direction except a couple; the round and round the firestation footage; the “end the life of Adam” heard on the police com; no official records of Nancy Champion Lanza’s or her parents’ existence; extremely sketchy interview of “Nancy’s sister” on the latter’s front porch; no video interview ever of Peter or Ryan Lanza (I think the whole Lanza family is made up and does not exist); and, finally, a similar scenario drill was being run about 20 miles away that same morning regarding children and an active shooter.

    The smoking gun to the Sandy Hoax …………..is the fact that not one of the MSM reporters ever investigated or reported or questioned any of these points. NOT ONE. EVER.

    Seeing Stephen Barton, Fullbright Scholar extraordinaire and college thespian, who just happened to be biking clear across the cross country and just happened to land in Aurora, CO and just happened to attend the midnight showing of Dark Knight and get “shot” and was escorted by police (Not ambulance) to the hospital. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QWm07zXP9U This same Stephen Barton just happened to grow up 5 miles from Sandy Hook and is now on payroll with Michael Bloomberg for Mayors against Guns.

    And then, watching the 26 “murdered at Sandy Hook” story dovetail into the Boston Marathon 26 mile race puff “bomb”, which resulted in the shredding of our 4th amendment. Only Zionist Hollywood could make up such a story….oh wait.

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