Washington Navy Yard shooting: elite Boston bomb squad brought in

By: Nick Allen

Twenty special agents from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were dispatched to the scene, including the Special Response Team that helped track Tsarnaev in Boston.

The team, which is based in Washington, consists of a cadre of officers who are trained for “high-risk operations” including manhunts, hostage rescue and “dynamic entry techniques,” and was called in as local policie feared they may have two gunmen on the run.

The Washington-based team is one of five regional ones that the ATF has baseded across the country. The teams have been deployed 217 times over the last five years.

In April the Washington team went to Boston and was involved in the manhunt for Tsaranev, which ended with him being tracked to a boat where he was hiding in a suburban garden.

Among the initial officers sent to the scene were local Metropolitan Police and the United States Parks Police.


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