Newspaper uses false photo in Kenya shopping centre article

As part of its attempts to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment after the Kenyan shopping centre attacks, the Daily Mail ‘news’paper claimed yesterday it had photographs of Al Shabaab gunmen ‘executing’ hostages in the Nairobi Mall attack.

You can see the article here – notice the first photograph of an armed hooded man pointing a gun at some people lying on the ground:

The horrific moment Al Shabaab gunman took deadly aim at hostages in Nairobi mall massacre (it seems the Mail has taken down the article since this blogpost. Never mind – I made sure I kept a screenshot just in case – see below)

Now look at this photograph (4th down) posted on the official FBI website from a bank robbery which took place in April 12, 2010 in Florida:

FBI Releases Photographs in Latest Hoax Bomb Bank Robbery

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