NSA spied 35 world leaders

The NSA has spied the telephone conversations of 35 political and military leaders worldwide after receiving the loads to be intercepted by U.S. government officials . The Guardian writes , by publishing a confidential memo from the archive of Edward Snowden . The document does not mention the names of the 35 leaders.

The confidential document , published on the Guardian website reveals that the NSA has ” encouraged the officials of other institutions , such as the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon , to share the numbers of telephone users ” to intercept. The document , which dates back to October of 2006 , we note that an official ” has delivered 200 numbers , including those of 35 world leaders ” who were ” immediately acquired by the NSA ” to begin monitoring. The memo , the Guardian writes , “suggests that this type of surveillance is not isolated , and because ‘ a routine for the NSA to monitor the phones of foreign leaders , so as to seek the assistance of other officials to do so.”

Merkel, spying on allies and ‘ unacceptable – ” Spy is not acceptable, it takes trust between allies “, said Chancellor Angela Merkel at the EU summit coming .

White House , Obama has concerns – ” President Obama understands the concerns raised Datagate ” on ” and this has started a review of the system of collection of data by intelligence . A review and that ‘ in the course .” He said the White House spokesman , Jay Carney .

Read: We can not tolerate shade – ” We can not tolerate that there are gray areas or concerns . ” So the prime minister meets Enrico Letta , on his arrival at the EU summit on Datagate . ” Obviously all checks must be made but we want the whole truth ‘ . It’s not ‘ acceptable and conceivable that there are activities ‘ of this kind , “he added Letta.

Schulz , suspend free trade negotiations – “I think we now suspend the negotiations ” to reach a free trade agreement between the EU and the U.S. : it was said of the EP President Martin Schulz about the consequences of the ‘ DataGate ‘ . ” There are certain standards and criteria – he added – which should be respected , otherwise it makes no sense to talk to one another.”

Schulz on CNBC , U.S. intelligence out of control – For the European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the American secret services ” are out of control .” CNBC said he had asked to account ‘ U.S. ambassador to the EU NSA scandal and they had no answer: sign, in his view, that the U.S. government has escaped the control of the intelligence agencies .

EU summit agenda changes and faces theme – At the start of the EU summit , which has been rocked by scandal DataGate , will be forced to address the issue that was not on the agenda. European leaders will discuss the Digital Agenda and then data protection , and dinner banking union and economic surveillance .

” In the draft conclusions of the EU summit , the leaders discussed today , there is a reference to the need to adopt a Directive on data protection next year , because it is important to restore confidence ” : said the EU President Herman van Rompuy to those who asked a reaction to the ‘ DataGate ‘ .

” It ‘ interest to keep our ties with our partners more’ close as possible” : it was said the White House spokesman , Jay Carney, about the latest developments in Datagate and tensions with many allied governments . A situation – said Carney – ” on which we continue to have discussions at all levels .”

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