Syria: curtain lowered?

It seems suddenly the curtain fell on Syria, torn by almost three years of civil war , over 120,000 dead . The winds of war blow in late August, when the United States Barack Obama seemed on the verge of launching an attack in response to the use of gas in the region of Ghouta , over a thousand dead, hundreds of children , have left the field to a stalled.

On the international front , after the cold shower came with the new slip of the peace conference commissioned by the U.S. and Russia, the so-called Geneva 2 , holding forth the issue of the decommissioning of chemical Bashar al Assad. The sites for the production have been ” sealed ” by the experts of the Opac , the organization Nobel Prize for Peace in 2013 called to monitor compliance with the Treaty of notice of these weapons . The chemicals will most likely destroyed abroad , it is assumed Albania , and Damascus – according to the latest rumors – has drawn up a plan presented to the UN , which advocates military aid to clear the road – sometimes controlled by the rebels – from the capital to the Mediterranean port of Latakia.

The American intellicenge , however, seems not to believe the Assad government , according to some sources, not all chemical weapons had been declared , and the pro-government could count on a ‘ reserve ‘ secret .

On the ground , however , it seems that at the time the regime has need of mustard or sarin to win his battle with the logistical support of the Iranian Pasdaran and the military one of thousands of fighters Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah militia and Iraqi loyalists Assad seem to have finally re-established control in strategic areas of the country , postponing indefinitely the rebel offensive on Damascus until a few months ago literally surrounded .

The anti -government protesters are smashed into dozens of rival militias with the ‘ head ‘ politics, the opposition Coalition was born in Doha on Qatar’s strong momentum and Western countries , unable to lead the revolt and establish itself as a recognized and legitimate representative of the rebels . So much so that Saudi Arabia is the latest revelation in the Guardian , he started to fund and train the umpteenth rebel training , the Army of Islam, was born in September to counter the jihadist groups as Nusra Front or affiliated with al -Qaida as the Isis .

In this context , where it will once again include the growing rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Qatar , the war continues to claim victims : the budget estimated by the activists of the local committees , only yesterday, was 54 dead , including four children and five women. More than 20 air raids and dozens of locations centered by Scud missiles . In the last 4 days the budget is more than 200 killed, mostly civilians .


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