More Snowy Owls and Bad Actresses spotted on Sandy Hook

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! All of sudden there are a handful of snowy owls on Sandy Hook.

Over last weekend, a group of birdwatchers, including myself, spotted a lone snowy owl near the tip of the hook.

A few hours later we caught sight of another snowy owl within a mile walking distance from the other down the beach. Later on in the day, we ran into a few other local birders who reported observing a third snowy owl across from Spermaceti Cove at the same time as we was seeing the two owls near the entrance of New York Harbor.

It goes without saying, for bundled-up birdwatchers the snowy owl invasion is among this winter’s great natural events. One snowy owl is an amazing experience, but when two or three or more drop in its mind-blowing and a little hard to believe.

After last winter when no snowy owls were being seen, and a winter of a few sightings the year before, rare visitors from the Arctic have invaded the Jersey Shore in a big way.

The teacher from Sandy Hook Elementary School, who helped save her students by hiding them in the bathroom and telling them she loved them, is teaching a new lesson.

Kaitlin Roig Debellis founded Classes for Classes, which is a charity that teaches children to pay it forward.

Debellis told Eyewitness News she did not think she was getting out of Sandy Hook Elementary on Dec. 14, 2012, when 20 children and six adults were shot and killed. So she decided to make her students feel loved.

Sandy Hook teacher on mission of kindness

They Brainwashing You!!!


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