Malaysian Airlines MH370 – Inside Job

On March 16 , 2014, the British anti-terrorism expert Dr. Sally Leivesley would have said that , in case # MH370 , there appears to be planning for someone with large and advanced engineering knowledge . # The hijackers would change speed, altitude and route dell’MH370 sending radio signals to the flight control system on board. They may have landed or crashed via remote control. Among the possible culprits a foreign power.

James R. said: “The announcement that the MH 370 was still in the air and that was detected on radar at 08:11 , indicates that research on the South China Sea have been a farcical waste of time . Yet someone had this information and apparently did nothing , letting the fruitless search continued for almost a week. The information issued by the Malaysian authorities indicate that the plane was hijacked via remote control. The crew could not hide the aircraft from radar. The radar does not depend on any equipment on the plane, can not be turned off. Only a remarkable capacity for electronic warfare can make a plane disappear from the radar of the ocean … almost certainly the United States or allied companies under their control (they have done away with the plane ) . ” As reported by the Telegraph , evidence emerged of a possible CIA plot style 9/11 about the MH370 . Muhammad Sajid Badat of English origin , an agent ‘ CIA – MI6 -al- Qaeda ‘ , recently said in court that 4-5 Malays were planning to hijack a plane using a bomb hidden in his shoe to break down the door to the cockpit. Saajid Muhammad Badat said he had met with agents of the CIA – MI6 – Malaysian al- Qaeda , one of which pilot in Afghanistan by giving him a shoe – bomb to be used to take control of an aircraft . The possibility of such a plot, hatched from the minds of the CIA of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, has been supported by the admission of Najib Razak , Prime Minister of Malaysia , according to which the communication systems of the Boeing 777 were deliberately turned off ” by someone on board.” The parents of Muhammad Sajid Badat , Muhammad Badat and Zubeida Patel, arrived in Britain from Malawi , where they were part of the Asian community for cables to govern the country when it was a British colony . His father is a newsagent and still runs the newsstand . Badat Cript attended high school in the United Kingdom , where he graduated.

article- 2134056 – 02397C260000044D – 390_634x427

On March 15 , 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said:
1 . Flight 370 was hijacked by someone aboard probably
2 . Flight 370 flew for more than seven hours , and may have reached the Kazakhstan
Prime Minister Najib Razak said that even if the movements were consistent with deliberate acts , it is not confirmed that the plane had been hijacked . In relation all’MH370 , officials and others have made conflicting statements , suggesting that some of them may have something to hide.
1 . One theory , advanced by the Professional Pilots Rumour Network, says that the MH 370 was hit by missiles and that neighboring countries are involved in a cover-up or conspiracy. However, the U.S. would not have satellites tracked no explosion .
2 . There were rumors that the MH370 had landed in China, Xian and Nanjing. These rumors were denied dalleMalaysian Airlines.
3 . The Malaysia Airlines MH370 initially said that he lost contact with air traffic control at 2:40 . The Malaysia Airlines later said that contact was lost at 01:30 , as shown by the data on the websites of monitoring of flights.
4 . The Malaysian government has said, the day of the disappearance dell’MH370 , there were indications that the plane had ‘ tried to return ‘ . Days later, an officer would have said that the military had detected what could be the plane on radar recordings of air defense , indicating that the plane could have flown over the Strait of Malacca. The general Malaysian Rodzali Daud said later that ” made ​​no such statements.”
5 . Malaysian officials initially said that four or five passengers had checked in for the flight, but not boarded and their baggage was unloaded from the plane. Days later, Malaysian officials said that no luggage had been removed.
6 . Interior Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi Malaysian initially described the two passengers with stolen passports with Asian features . The next day , the head of Civil Aviation of Malaysia, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, seemed to indicate that one of these passengers was black . The two men were later identified by Interpol as Iranians. The pictures of the two men spread by the Malaysian police , the identical legs , turned out to be digitally manipulated . The answer to the Malaysian flight MH370 disappeared
7 . The Wall Street Journal said that investigators aviation and national security officials believed that the U.S. plane, after the disappearance , he had been flying for five hours, according to data automatically downloaded from the engines of the plane. However, March 14, 2014 , Rolls- Royce would say that I agree with the Malaysian government , according to which the MH370 can not have flown for hours after the disappearance .

Missing Malaysian Airways.jpg

Above, we see the minimum distance , about 2500 kilometers, the MH370 may have covered after the ‘ disappearance ‘ .
The Rolls -Royce agrees with Malaysia on the data of jet engines disappeared

Army -bases – online_2614912a

The main military bases. 8) Brunei , 10) South Korea 11) Japan
The MH370 could reach some of the military bases here above.
12) Guam – Andersen Air Force Base.
14) Diego Garcia.
There is a military base in the Andaman Islands
The MH370 may have been forced to land in Guam? Guam may have been the target of a terrorist plot with this plane? In February , 2014, on the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, more than 1800 staff and about 50 aircraft of the U.S. Air Force , U.S. Navy, Japan Air Self -Defense Force , Royal Australian Air Force eRepublic of Korea Air Forces gathered for a ‘ military exercise . The exercise was characterized by command and control aircraft ( AWACS ) in the U.S., JASDF and RAAF . Cope North 2014 begins on the Andersen AFB in Guam

Foreign Observers / Valiant Shield

Andersen Air Force Base, Guam : Colonel Charles McMillan, the Contingency Response Group commander , greets members of the Chinese Defense Ministry Andersen , 19 June 2006. More than 40 observers from several countries, including China, Australia , Japan, India , Singapore, the Republic of Korea and Russia attended aValiant Shield exercise showed that the ability of the United States in cooperation and interoperability as a joint force . Valiant Shield
Some questions about Malaysia Air Flight 370


“The last track on military radar suggests that the plane flew to the Andaman Islands in India, an archipelago in the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. ” Data from the radar : exclusive
India has a naval base in the Andaman Islands . In 2013 , the United States would have had plans for an air base in the Andaman Islands . Plans for a U.S. military base in the Andaman Islands
The Malaysian ambassador to China has received confirmation that the Malaysian military had detected a jet unknown until an hour later that the flight MH370 was gone. Rogue Jet


It is believed that the Malaysian airlines Flight 377 was hijacked by a U.S. Air Force AWACS aircraft . The 9/11 AWACS aircraft were seen to observe or control the crash into the twin towers . ( JimStone freelance )
The United States bases for AWACS aircraft in Asia. AWACS means ‘ alarm and control airborne early ‘ .


The two men with ” stolen passports .” Malaysia Airlines and the case of the missing legs
The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. investigators suspect that the jetliner flew Malaysian has gone for 4-5 hours once lost contact with air traffic controllers . This is based on data from the plane’s engines , which are automatically downloaded and transmitted to the ground in the programs of routine maintenance. The plane disappeared of Malaysia Airlines ‘ flew for four hours ‘ after the disappearance from the radar …
On March 13 , 2014, the Malaysian authorities have said that there was no evidence that the airliner had flown for hours after losing contact with air traffic controllers , continuing to transmit technical data . Malaysia says there is no evidence that the aircraft has flown disappeared for hours after losing contact.

Cotswold Airport (formerly RAF Kemble ), UK , 2012. Flickr / Airport- date ” October 26, 2012, we see the Boeing 737- 4H6 # # # MH370 of MalaysiaAirlines put an end to their existence in the UK. Was diverted to Gatwick due to fog in the destination of Kemble . We have already heard , first-hand , as the plane flew on its route oblbigatoria . So we know that the team at Rolls Royce can tell us within 30 meters where the engines were turned off , but they never said a word. I accept it as evidence that British intelligence agency knows the fate of flight 370. This is a fact . ” Flight MH370 Malaysia disappeared – Page 120


One article suggests that the pilot dell’MH370 might have committed suicide , but the public is not deceived . The pilot dell’MH370 shocked by the separation from his wife
Public comments on the Daily Mail Online:
1 . “This article focuses on claims made by ” A dear friend who wishes to remain anonymous ” and” An aviation industry source who wishes to remain anonymous . ” ” Staying anonymous there is no way to verify whether telling the truth about who they are, or if in fact they are globalists minions prestatisi media disinformation to conceal the facts.
2 . ” Scodinzoliamo ? I mean almost a month after it is confirmed that the pilot had divorced before boarding the plane and that he was afflicted ? Come on ! ”
3 . ” There would have been no need to climb to 15,000 feet to depressurize the plane and pass out to the passengers. The same effect would be achieved at normal cruising altitude , although hypoxia would have required several tens of seconds rather than the few. The pilot should have known , so why bother with the climb ? In addition , the transponder was turned off, as precisely measured the altitude of the aircraft ? ”
There are a number of reasons to believe that the pilot dell’MH370 not have committed suicide . For example :
1 . The intermediate points along the route navigation does not tie in with the history of suicide.
2 . The Australian aviation expert Neil Hansford accused the Malaysian government to be evasive about issues such as boarding procedures and stolen passports . He says that the data indicate that the crew of the aircraft will be involved . Dailymail / Sky News
3 . Before the flight , the passenger Paul Weeks took off his wedding ring and watch , and gave them to his wife, with strict instructions to pass them to their children if anything happened to him . The plane disappeared ‘Yeah I miss you ‘ – final text of Lost Kiwi / passengers of Malaysia Airlines
4 . “The announcement that MH 370 was still in the air and identified on radar at 08:11 Malaysian indicates that research in the South China Sea was a farcical waste of time . Yet someone had this information and apparently has left a vain search continued for almost a week . ” In other words , there has been a deliberate attempt to deceive the public authorities .

Etihad flight 777

” The 777/200 is an aircraft ‘ fly by wire ‘ with controls that allow the CIA to teleguidarlo … The CIA along with the military command has tracked the … Flight 370 , monitoring it constantly, watching the murder of his passengers , the landing , refueling and knowing exactly where it is . ” Flight 370 , a lie of the CIA
On March 24 , 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that , based on the analysis of satellite data of the British company Inmarsat , the Malayian Airlines MH370 was over the South Indian Ocean , and no one on board survived. As the British satellite company Inmarsat has tracked MH370
In 2006 , a former associate of Najib Razak , Abdul Razak Baginda , was charged with aiding and abetting the murder of Altantuya , the Mongolian ex-lover . Abdul Razak Baginda and three members of the police anti-terrorism unit who worked for the then Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak , were arrested for the murder.

Altantuya had worked as a translator for Najib Razak on a ‘ shady deal ‘ for the purchase of submarines from France. ( Murder in Malaysia ) ( corruption charges for the purchase of submarines) Najib Razak studied at Malvern College, a private school in the UK, and at the University of Nottingham in the UK . Shortly before takeoff , the pilot dell’MH370 , Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah received a call from a mysterious woman . The call was made with a calling card purchased by a woman with false documents. The pilot dell’MH370 received a call from a woman misteriosa/MH370 : March 23, live – Telegraph / An unknown woman used a fake ID to purchase a mobile phone
This finding suggests another possible link between the master and the CIA Zaharie . Shah was tied agent of the CIA Anwar Ibrahim . When buying a prepaid SIM card in Malaysia you have to fill out a form with the number of their identity card or passport. The police discovered that the SIM card was bought ‘ recently ‘ in a shop in Kuala Lumpur. On 23 March 2014, noted that , oddly enough , the wife of Shah Faizah Khan, had not yet been formally questioned by police. The flight simulator Shah, seized in his house, had some deleted programs . A program allowed him to land on the U.S. airbase of Diego Garcia. The FBI took the equipment in deleted files. The Malaysian Minister of Defence and Minister of Transport responsible for the crisis MH370 is Hishammuddin Hussein, who is supposedly gay .

chuck_hagel_us_defence_secretary_hishammuddin_hussein_malaysian_defense_minister_640_001Il alleged gay Hishammuddin Hussein with his friend Chuck Hagel , Secretary of Defense of the United States .

The Australian aviation expert Neil Hansford accused the Malaysian government does not tell the full story of what happened. He told Sky News : “I find in every interview with the Malays that there is a lot ‘of vagueness, denial of procedures for boarding and inspection of the list of stolen passports , and continuing inconsistencies .” According to Neil Hansford : ” Nothing that I hear tells me nothing of the two passengers from stolen passports ,” he said. ” If they walked in Germany, because they had to be on a plane to Malaysia China? It just does not make sense. ”

Neil Hansford chairman of Strategic Aviation Solutions , says :

What happened all’MH370 was not an accident.
Evidence indicates that the crew of the aircraft is involved.
The disappearance ” has been well studied and planned .”
Investigators Malays have never been in control of the incident .
Daily Mail

ADF assistance to Malaysia Airlines MH370 .

Tony Ryals ( Wolfblitzzer0 ) has alerted us of Paul Weeks, a passenger sull’MH370 . The New Zealander Paul Weeks is a mechanical engineer in Perth, Australia. Before the flight , Weeks took off his wedding ring and watch which he gave to his wife with the strict instruction to pass them to their children if anything happened to him . Mrs. Weeks said that her 3 year old son Lincoln said, ” You know Dad is gone … and daddy got lost on the way .” The media described Weeks as an ex- soldier of New Zealand. Shortly before boarding the flight MH370 flight , Weeks sent a message to his wife saying that their children meant everything to him. The passengers of Malaysia Airlines
Tony Ryals notes that there is a mechanical engineer Paul Weeks specializes in Boeing 777. Paul Weeks – LinkedIn
And what about the pilot and his wife ? Reportedly, his wife and three children of the pilot ‘s face MH370 Zaharie Shah disappeared from home the day before the flight. The pilot Zaharie Shah dell’MH370 Malaysia Airlines
The pilot of ‘ MH370 Zaharie Ahmad Shah was linked to Anwar Ibrahim, who was a CIA agent. Anwar Ibrahim , the CIA, the gay bar

diego – garcia -to- Iran01Secondo reportedly the CIA has secret prisons on Diego Garcia .

” Five major companies of high-tech communication technology related to military had employees and managers on the passenger list dell’MH370 . The companies are: ” China Telecom, Business Machines Corp. , Freescale Austin , International Business Machines (IBM) , ZTE Corp. and Huawei Technologies Co. A total of 26 experts of high technology on the passenger list .” The manager of China Telecom Hualian Zhang , vice president of network planning of Global China Telecom, appeared on the passenger list . The employee of ZTE Li Yanlin , an engineer who is part of the team of installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment company appears on the passenger list . The Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, with military ties , has two employees on the list, but he declined to identify them . ” Indicator lights on the plane of Malaysia
The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has created “gates” in the networks operated by the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, according to a report . The report comes from a document of the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and was disclosed by the New York Times and Der Spiegel . Huawei spying for China , says ex – CIA chief Michael Hayden. Freescale Semiconductor, a company in the United States , had 20 executives on board Malaysia Airlines MH370 . Twelve were Malays, while eight were Chinese nationals .

On March 3 , 2014, just five days before the MH370 disappear , Freescale launched a new element to electronic warfare for military radar systems . Freescale ‘s shareholders include private equity investors in the Carlyle Group , whose past directors included former U.S. President George Bush Sr and whose investors in the past there was the bin Laden family . Malaysian plane : 20 on board worked for the electronic warfare …

According to reports, ” the 20 -board technology nerd happens that worked for China in the design ‘ classified ‘ of the main control software for on-board computers / internet , which carried the appropriate hardware … The jet plane would land in Diego Garcia , and the hardware and software that is downloaded with the nerds . ” Flight MH370 disappeared Malaysia – Page 83 – David Icke


On March 20 , 2014, an official of the Australian Search and Rescue said that planes were sent to check two objects may be related to the missing flight of Malaysia Airlines, spotted on satellite images in the Indian Ocean about 2,500 kilometers south- west of Perth. It was predicted that ” the wreckage of the plane was then carefully deposited (presumably from a plane ) away from Diego Garcia … ” Hijacked to the USA?
From Diego Garcia to the U.S. ? ” If we assume that the plane was hijacked in Diego Garcia , it is reasonable to assume that the plane and its passengers would not have been held there indefinitely .” Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 diverted to Diego Garcia and then in South Carolina ?
“If we follow the logic of some conspiracy theorists who follow this and other forums , the plane and its passengers would be flown to the east coast of the United States , over the Atlantic Ocean to escape the control (and relatively less distant) . Sure, the livery of the aircraft would be repainted. The wreckage of the plane would then be carefully deposited (presumably a plane ) away from Diego Garcia … Four days after the disappearance dell’MH370 , a curious exercise took place in the south-east coast of the United States . ” Fighter jets would be ‘ escorted ‘ a plane. ” Hijacked to the USA?
” The members of the South Carolina Air National Guard conduct an exercise of air defense along the coast. The Sergeant Major of the Guard Edward Snyder said that people could see fighter jets escorting a civilian plane on the areas of North Charleston and Myrtle Beach. ” SC Air National Guard coastal planning exercises
MH370 : the Indonesian Embassy regrets the article by Utusan Malaysia. Carolina Mason connects the bombing of the trade center in Kenya


Investigators have discovered that Diego Garcia is one of the 5 airports in the Indian Ocean loaded into the flight simulator Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah . U.S. military base and airports in South Asia in the simulator pilot dell’MH370
Diego Garcia is a military base in the United States . The simulator Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was removed from the house and it was revealed today that data were deleted.


“It ‘ clear , controlling the route SIA68 , the MH370 is queued in the wake of SIA68 approximately 18:00 UTC , and during the subsequent 15 minutes followed … of Singapore Airlines Flight 68 has proceeded Sea Andaman Sea in the Bay of Bengal , and finally in the airspace of India … It ‘s my belief that MH370 was likely to follow in the footsteps SIA68 the airspace of India and Afghanistan … ” the flight of the 370 Malaysian disappeared behind the SIA68 / SQ68

James R : ” According to reports, Philip Wood , a passenger sull’MH370 , posted a message on a forum and a photo after the disappearance . Presumably, the message was issued March 19 by an ‘ anonymous ‘ who says his name is ‘ Philip Wood ‘ , the title of the message ‘ help ‘ and goes on to say : “I’m held hostage by unknown military after my flight was hijacked ( blindfolded ) . I work for IBM and I managed to hide my phone during the hijacking. I was separated from the other passengers and are in a cell . My name is Philip Wood . I think I was drugged and I can not think clearly. “Message ‘ Help ‘ on the Internet says that the plane was hijacked?

According to reports, the picture is completely black ; the information encoded in the photos appear by right-clicking on the file and selecting Properties, then Details, provide access to a number of details about when and where the photo was taken . This indicates that the photo was taken at a place with coordinates almost identical to those of Diego Garcia. But it could be a fake. A big problem is that the partner of Wood, Sarah Bajc , clearly does not believe , as the family apparently.


philip -woods -8

Phillip Wood of Diego Garcia

Above, we see the details of the photo ‘ black ‘ .

Stroppy Me said: “Wood may have sent the message to a phone contact , which he opened with Photoshop to see if she could figure out what it was, and then he posted on 4plebs . The GPS coordinates of the photo lead directly to a building in Diego Garcia ( south of the track and in the hinterland ) . Of course this does not exclude the fact that someone stationed at the base to be making a laugh. Given the reluctance of the United States to participate in the rescue effort , and at least as long as any other country will not provide their data secret , this theory is still the most likely. ”

diego – garcia1

Diego Garcia Airport and MH370

Matthias Chang, secretary and political adviser to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad , he asks: “There were weapons on the MH370 before the flight to Beijing? If yes , what were planned for this mission : biological weapons , dirty bombs ? Beijing / China were its target and if so why ? The plane was ordered to return , and if so who gave the order? Why no question was asked if the route MH 370 fell within the parameters of geographical intelligence Diego Garcia ? Because the aircraft deployed to Diego Garcia does not have intercepted the plane ” unidentified ” , which of course posed a threat to the military base of Diego Gracia? WantaChinaTimes Taiwan said : “The United States took advantage of the search for the missing flight Malaysia Airlines to test the capabilities of the satellites of China and judge the threat of Chinese missiles against their aircraft carrier … Erich Shih, China’s military chief editor of the monthly Defense International said that the United States, which has more and better satellites , have not taken part in the search for the flight MH370 … Shih said that the United States take place on the sidelines because they want to see what information the satellites of China would provide . ” The disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 : The question to one trillion dollars in the United States and its intelligence services

borntoloselivetowin – 435x390fair – 500×216

March 27 , the Pentagon’s operation involving a Boeing 777 flying from Asia in Seattle. The coincidence of the Boeing 777


Yoichi Shimatsu , former editor of The Japan Times Weekly , writes that a tiny microchip would be the likely reason for the diversion dell’MH370 by the Pentagon . According to Yoichi Shimatsu : Freescale Semiconductor , Texas, has design centers in Kuala Lumpur and China. In February , 2013, Freescale has introduced Kinesis KL02 , a small device key for the wars of the next generation. It also has civilian uses and could bring a lot of money . Kinesis KL02 is produced in Kuala Lumpur The Pentagon does not want China or Russia to put their hands on Kinesis KL02 . Freescale Malaysia was preparing to test Kinesis KL02 in China. Freescale has connections with the Carlyle Group , and is financially controlled by Blackstone among whose major investors are the Rothschilds . In November, Joanne Maguire, who has ties to the Pentagon , joined the Board of Directors of Freescale . “The group object narrows the hijacking of the 20 employees who work for Freescale ” on board dell’MH370 . A small microchip is the likely reason for the hijacking of the Pentagon dell’MH370

Bh – RbL3IYAAyYQlStephen Allen Schwarzman , Chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group . He and George W. Bush were both in Skull and Bones.


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  1. MH370 did not crash. Passengers are dead in a mass grave…a few may still be alive. What are you doing looking in the water. The plane went north. Middle east. It will be used in a threat against the west. United airlines uses this plane. Start there.

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