MH370, Communications With The Tower Have Been Manipulated

The Malaysian authorities have released the preliminary report on the disappearance of flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines, disappeared on March 8 last year, while it was in flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing , with 239 people on board and without leaving any trace , except a maze of suspects that no one has yet explained .

It ‘ just a document of five pages , very skinny , written in bureaucratic language . Shows the data of the flight , the operator (Malaysia Airlines) , manufacturers of aircraft and engines , Boeing and Rolls Royce. Then follows the history of flight , the data of the last radar tracking , the data collected by satellites .

It states that participate in the investigation, according to the rules of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) , the NTSB (National Trasportation Safety Board ) , supported by the technicians of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration ) , the British AAIB (Air Accident Ivestigation Branch) , Boeing engineers and Rolls Royce. Includes representatives of the Chinese Government and Australian .

They are then described operations research, so far unsuccessful . Finally the safety recommendations . Given that almost two months after his death the final position of the plane is still unknown, investigators from the Malaysian Air Accident Investigation Bureau recommended that ICAO should consider the benefits of introducing a standard for real-time tracking of commercial transport aircraft , also in view of the fact that in five years the two planes have disappeared without that it was possible to detect the position .

The Malaysian authorities have also released the audio of communications between air traffic control and the cockpit of the flight disappeared. Interviewed by the American network NBC , some experts engineers say they are confident that the recordings have been subjected to editing, then modified in at least four points, before being made ​​public.

Unknown at the time, the reasons for which the registration has been subjected to editing . Analyzing quell’audio , experts say , it is not possible to determine the stress level of the drivers, nor is it clear whether they are talking about both, or just one.

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