The ESA Rosetta space trip; A Cosmic Billiard of Bullshit

In November 1993, the International Rosetta Mission was approved by unknown heroes as a Cornerstone Mission in European Space Agency, ESA’s Horizons 2000 Science Programme. At that time 21 years ago it was evidently believed space travel or similar was possible and easy as a pie. The objective was simply to first put the 3 000 kg Rosetta spacecraft into one orbit around Earth and then, it would take 10 years, transfer the same Rosetta spacecraft into the orbit of a comet around the Sun and, after a couple of 360° orbits around the Sun, rendez-vous with the comet and there, radially orbit slowly around the comet itself and finally put a sond – the Philae – on the comet.

The Rosetta spacecraft therefore took off March 2004 from planet Earth with destination comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and arrived there November 2014 or at a close distance of X meter, we are told to believe. The Rosetta now has velocity ~18.300 m/srelative the Sun at X meter distance from the comet, exactly same velocity as the comet, we are told. Rosetta has after 10 years managed to get into identical orbit as the comet around the Sun just X meter apart. X may be ~10 000/20 000 meter. The comet orbits eliptically the Sun in 6.4 years. When it is closest to the Sun – between Earth and Mars – it heats up to ~80°C by the Sun. When it is further away the temperature is much lower. Maybe today the temperature is a pleasant 20°C on the comet?

In May 2014, Rosetta’s thrusters began to brake (sic) the spacecraft for five months – it was going too fast! – how much is not known – so that it should exactly match comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko’s speed, location and orbital direction/flight, i.e. Rosetta can also brake in space! The spacecraft is about 25 light minutes from Earth, i.e. it takes 25 minutes for a light signal to pass between Earth and the spacecraft.

On arrival the now 10+ years old spacecraft Rosetta with plenty 15+ years old technology inside it first managed to fly around or orbit the comet at X meter distance at a radial speed of say 10 or 20 m/s (relative the comet) and film it from all directions with a high resolution camera! You should really wonder, how it was done. What steering jets and steering system could accomplish such a feat in empty space 25 light minutes away? Was it all done by a pre-programmed computer? And all the time the camera was focused on the comet’s surface. Unbelievable!All footage looks like stupid, photoshopped, computer generated images, though. Made at Babelsberg, Potsdam, by clever Germans.
On 12 November 2014 Rosetta then sent it’s 100 kg sond or capsule -Philae – to descend X meter on the comet – right – i.e. Rosetta applied a force on Philae in exactly the right direction in space, so it moved towards the comet and Philae applied an identical force on Rosetta, so it moved away from the comet. After seven hours Philae touched down on the comet, we are told! If the force had been applied in the wrong direction, Philae would have missed the comet all together. Imagine that! Your spacecraft Rosetta is X or 20 000 meter from a small comet only 4 000 meter big and shall send a sond Philae to it – better send it in the right direction!

The ESA clowns correctly state that

“Unfortunately, no existing rocket, not even the powerful European-built Ariane-5, has the capability to send such a large spacecraft directly to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.”

so the same ESA clowns must invent a magic, fantasy, circus trick to get to the comet:

“Instead, Rosetta will bounce around the inner Solar System like a ‘cosmic billiard ball’, circling the Sun almost four times during its ten-year trek to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Along this roundabout route, Rosetta will enter the asteroid belt twice and gain velocity from gravitational ‘kicks’ provided by close fly-bys of Mars (2007) and Earth (2005, 2007 and 2009).”
So according to the ESA clowns or actually their usual, external science fiction writers you do not need fuel/energy/rocket engines to increase velocity for space travel. You instead gain velocity (kinetic energy!) from gravitational ‘kicks’ free of charge provided by close fly-bys of planet Earth that has average speed 29 800 m/s and planet Mars that has average speed 47 900 m/s in space, i.e. much faster than Rosetta.

The idea is maybe that the Rosetta with its low start velocity 12 000 m/s in space to get away from planet Earth can be accelerated later by planets Earth or Mars approaching from behind at higher speeds but at a distance and then dragging along/accelerating Rosettawithout causing a tragic crash, i.e, some way or another kinetic energy is transmitted to Rosetta without direct contact, so it speeds up.

The ESA staff that invented the hoax 1993 have died from too many ‘kicks’ and their children never learnt anything at school except cheating and playing theater. Evidently any planet gravity force will attract a space ship in its vicinity, so it will go faster and faster in direction of the center of the planet and change its course … and crash at re-entry … but kick it in the opposite direction without change of direction? Gaining speed and free kinetic energy transfer in space!? It cannot be done in my opinion. But in this case the heavy planets with strong gravity forces are moving faster than the little space ship of little mass so … . Why bother?

It seems, therefore, Rosetta managed to be kicked away from Earth/Mars in exactly the right direction with correct increased speed to the comet assisted by media but Rosetta was in the end apparently going too fast (!!!) and had to brake! Astrophysics is magic. Only job any astrophycisist can get is with NASA, ESA or JPL or similar.

And has the Rosetta a rocket engine and fuel, so it can eject mass and brake? Evidently not! The whole thing is a 21 years old fantasy with old equipment that has been heated up when passing the Sun and cooled down away from the Sun several times, but with plenty young fresh, stupid ESA people employed November 2014, when everything is … nominal. Most of the present ESA people were babies when the hoax project started, but have learnt the JPL movie lingo. Nominal! Haven’t we heard it before? It is all theater. There is no Rosetta in space! It is all done in a film studio at Potsdam.

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