Massacre In Tunisia: All The Inconsistencies

In the aftermath of the massacre of Tunis are many questions that arise about the dynamics of the attacks, the composition of the commando who actually completed the attacks and the affiliation of the terrorists to other jihadist network, the Islamic State in the lead.

IDENTITY ‘OF TERRORISTS – The two Tunisians killed by special forces intervened to Bardo Museum are Saber Kachnaoui and Yassine Laabidi.
The latter was known and followed by the police and Tunisian, although his account there were no specific reports. Not a goal ‘hot’, then. That said, according to the BBC a militant al-Qaeda has revealed British broadcaster that the two have spent two months in Derna, Libya, to train before returning to Tunisia.
In claiming the attack – through a audio message – ISIS has identified the two bombers with the names of Abu-Zakariya al-Tunisi and Abu-Anas al-Tunisi. At the moment it is not clear whether the nicknames of battle.

DYNAMICS OF THE ATTACK – At first the real target of the attack appeared to be the Tunisian Parliament, which is next to the museum of the Bard. Only after being rejected by the security forces terrorists would ‘folded’ towards the museum. A version of the facts but is rebutted by the claim of ISIS, which instead argues that just the museum was the primary goal. Yet. At first it is written that the terrorists were wearing military uniforms, perhaps to disguise themselves as soldiers. The photos of the corpses of Kachnaoui Laabidi and try instead had clothes ‘civilians’.
In all, it seems that the terrorists were five and three managed to escape after the attack. Tunisian Interior Minister Najem Gharsalli then revealed that the terrorists were “fitted with explosive belts” and weapons “very advanced” and that the number of victims “could be much higher.”

A guardian of the museum of the Bard “was found today, safe and sound, hidden in a coffin.” He reports the local site The man was found by agents who were by securing the perimeter of the museum. Two Spanish tourists and their guide Tunisia were seen leaving the museum this morning after spending the whole night hidden in the building to escape the attackers.

morris-croghan-brome-lake-blog-bullshit-720753THE CLAIM – After a day of unconfirmed rumors of a paternity of ISIS in the management of the attacks (actually the Twitter account belonged to ‘fan’ of the Islamic State, not to spokesmen ‘official’), the claim has finally materialized. To certify, as usual, the SITE Rita Katz (so we know it’s Dogshit). E ‘to stress, however, that the cell’ Katibet Okba Ibn Nafaa ‘- probably affiliated to al-Qaeda in the Maghreb and perhaps merged in January last year with Ansar al Sharia Tunisia – had already claimed responsibility (source Mosaique FM) . Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said, however, that was not yet identified the terrorist organization he belonged to the commando.

THE ARRESTS – A total of nine persons detained by the police, including four for “direct links with the attack.” Among them is also the sister of Jabeur Khachnaoui, arrested in the house of the family, in the region of Sbitla, central Tunisia. He reports the website of Radio Mosaique. The youngest is a student. Mosaique FM notes that Jabeur Khachnaoui was a fugitive arrest group Katibet El Chebeb el Moujahed of Sbitla (a group that was in direct contact with the Katibet Okba Ibn Nefaa led by terrorist Abu Sakhr Lokman.

CONNECTING THE SYRIAN – According to the blog Tunisie Secret Saber Khachnaoui had been in Syria to fight in the ranks of the militia of ISIS. Statements that currently can not be verified. The fact is that experts agree that are among the 2 thousand and 5 thousand Tunisians ‘seduced’ by the song ISIS: about 500 have returned home after taking part in military operations in Iraq and Syria.

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