Moscow, manned mission to the Moon in 2029

Russia plans to send its astronauts to the moon in 2029, 60 years after the American landing. This was announced today Igor Komarov, head of Roskosmos, the Russian space agency. The human mission, expected in the years 2029-2030, will be ‘preceded by a flight without astronauts in 2028-2029. Roskosmos, he added, will implement ‘its lunar program with the help of a space rocket Angara-5V updated, which hopefully can be launched from the new cosmodrome Vostochni, the Russian Far East, in 2024-2025.

Komarov added that Roscosmos is already developing all of the preliminary stages for the lunar flight program.

The agency aims to become a world leader in space exploration in 2015, specifically with regard to Mars and Moon missions, Komarov said as cited by press service for the United Rocket and Space Corporation, a state-run joint stock company under Roscosmos.

It quoted other objectives that the Russian space industry has decided to pursue this year, including more involvement in international space projects to send missions to planets in the Solar system.

The Russian space program has an ambitious agenda. In September 2014, Roscosmos said it was planning to launch a full-scale moon exploration program in 2016-2025 and gave the green light to a project to build a super-heavy rocket that is needed to send spacecraft beyond Earth’s orbit.


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