Austrian secret services: USA and Soros fund the invasion of Europe

Vienna, August 24 – The Austrian magazine InfoDirekt, notoriously close to the armed forces, would become aware of an internal report of the Österreichischen Abwehramts (military intelligence services in Vienna) that, based on information of a anonimoinsider, organizations US government would finance the trafficking of illegal migrants to Europe, with specific reference to the way of the central Mediterranean, one that leads from the Libyan coast to southern Italy.

According to the article published a few days ago by InfoDirekt, services Austrian evaluate the cost for each person who comes to Europe much more than the $ 3000 or € mentioned by the media: “Those responsible for trafficking are asking exorbitant prices to bring refugees in Europe “, it would be written in the report. It ranges from 7 to 14 thousand euro, according to the starting areas and different trafficking organizations, while would-be immigrants are mostly too poor to pay for similar figures. The Austrian police is that asylum seekers know this information for some time but no one is willing to talk and make statements on this issue, even under anonymity.

By the services, however, “it is understood that organizations from the US have created a model of co-financing and contribute to much of the costs of the traffickers.” They would be “the same organizations that, through their work arsonist, have thrown into chaos Ukraine a year ago”, in a clear allusion to the “non-governmental organizations” American, so-called “humanitarian” and for “civil rights”, creations and emanations of the State Department or directly speculator and philanthropist George Soros alleged as Human Rights Watch.

The article ends with an appeal “to journalists, police officers and intelligence” because “participate actively in the search for data to support the claims expressed herein. The current situation is extremely dangerous and labor information can prevent the escalation of the crisis. ”

Because the neocons and American elites, from which we warned a few days ago some great politicians of the old guard from overseas, would be so interested in the chaos of immigration on European soil?

In a later article, the same Austrian newspaper revealed that “even in Austria there is the business of the refugees”, to the benefit of companies belonging to Barclays Bank, multinational business finance also known as “the battleship Rothschild”, confirming then as it reported a few days ago in these columns. Adding that the Rothschilds did not disdain any deal, including that of immigrants from “welcome” and treat with public money.

A business that, if in 2014 he could still count on figures altogether marginal (so to say, almost 300 thousand alleged refugees in Europe), the most powerful clan in the world financial plans subject to an exponential growth: just the sort of explosive increase that, with very uncomfortable and a little ‘naive disbelief, we realized he had undertaken a couple of years now, so that, as reported in this newspaper, to 800 thousand entries this year it may well happen in two million 2016. That is nearly ten times more than 2014.

Direct business, then, as the first reason of aggressive neocon and American elites in favor of illegal immigration in Europe.
Another reason may be identified later in the analysis of the controversial but sometimes well informed Thierry Meyssan French intellectual, founder and chairman of Voltaire Network and the Axis for Peace conference, published a few months ago.

According to Meyssan, mass migration towards the EU is not the result of accidental conflicts in the broader Middle East and in Africa, but a strategic objective of the United States.

Meyssan US strategy called the “chaos theory”, attributing it to Leo Strauss (1899-1973), philosopher and father of neoconservative guru nested in institutional power Use: “The principle of this strategic doctrine can be summarized as follows: the most simple to plunder the natural resources of a country over the long term is not to occupy it, but destroy the state. No state, no army. No enemy army, no risk of defeat. Since that time, the strategic goal of the US military alliance and that they lead, NATO, is solely to destroy States. What happens to the people involved is not an issue of Washington. ”

And again: “Migration in the Mediterranean, which for the moment are [were] only a humanitarian problem, will continue to grow into a serious economic problem. Recent decisions of the EU (…) is not going to stop migration, but to justify new military operations to keep the chaos in Libya (and not to solve it). ”

Bleed to death – even for their ineptitude and moral taboos – the costs of the masses of illegal immigrants, possibly mired up to their necks in the swamps of the chaos of Libya, Syria and – God forbid – Ukraine, to a level of military intervention for which Europe is unlikely to be prepared, it will not remain nothing but implore the help of Washington (accepting conditions from TTIP) and give up forever – if we have not already done so – to political alliances and more natural diversified. In other words, sovereignty.


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