The controversy of Islamization and the war on nationalism

Nevertheless, the High Representative of the EU, Mogherini, has already declared that the Sharia is Europe’s future, anyway. 20 million Muslim immigrants are waiting on Europe´s  doorstep to come in and be nourished by us throughout their lives.

Now already 4,000 IS (IS) terrorists hidden as “refugees”  have come to Europe. Half the local “refugees” are economic migrants.
No-go zones for whites – including police officers, who are in mortal danger and in self-defense at risk  to be sued for violence, with the loss of promotion prospects! – are spreading. There,  Sharia law with polygamy and florid social fraud prevail – and are ignored!.

In Berlin, the  the prohibition of religious dress in public buildings has been waived, so that Muslim women can wear headscarves. Hallal food is delivered in public institutions. The anti-German Salafists are quite openly evangelizing on  Germany’s roads – and want to bestow a Koran on all homes, aiming at turning the whole world into a Muslim caliphate. In Hamburg, Muslim radicals have infiltrated dozens of primary and secondary schools, where they are imposing Islamic norms and values on non-Muslim students and teachers.
Mosques with domes and minarets and loudspeaker call to prayer are  smoothly allowed.

Chancellor Merkel has declared German immigration policy to have failed – scolding Hungary´s Orban, who wants to close the borders of his country, and she has opened Germany’s borders to all who want to go there, suspending the Dublin Convention; and most do – for the social benefits are best there. So no refugee problem: Germany welcomes everybody – 60 million refugees worldwide have now received this happy message! And when Germany collapses, the flows will continue into all other Schengen countries until all of Europe is just as violent and impoverished  as Sweden (Germany later).

Meanwhile the Germans are cheering the many newcomers who are to make up for Germany´s declining birthrate. And these newcomers  can manage that – even without being paid for it!
The moving force behind this  great migration, which is unique in world history,  are Masonic politicians – and particularly Marxist feminists. For out of the chaos now emerging, the Communist/Fascist NWO one-world government is to arise – the Agenda 21, which has been accepted by 183 countries.

What ‘they want this hidden hand, is chaos and upheaval, because chaos and upheaval are the state more’ easy to manipulate the world. In chaos not only have the opportunity to offer the solution to the problem, or continue the agenda for the chaos that is an excuse functional, but most have huge amounts of people, frightened and destroyed by the chaos, calling for you to offer the solution to chaos . So if this is a police state, a centralization of power, the most ‘supervision, reduction of freedom … “Well it’s not nice, but we have yet to come out of this mess.” Ie many will consent-consent.
This wave of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa is planned to create chaos, but what we see now is nothing, if we let their agenda to manifest itself completely, because what they want is a HUGE wave of immigrants to Europe. This is to create economic chaos and conflicts between immigrants and European populations. And as always you have a section of the victims of this hidden hand that conflicts with the other section of the victims …
But there is another reason (as I said there are many): for decades in a war the nation-state.

The European Union is a war on the nation-state

Those who are truly responsible for the worst refugee crisis since the aftermath of WWII are the U.S and NATO military machines and the political and corporate interests that control them.


The Syrian government has been enveloped by war since the U.S government started training the so called ‘moderate rebel groups’, that turned out to be not-so-moderate rebel groups. Try extremely violent Islamic extremists. The largest of these groups is the FSA (Free Syrian Army). The truth is that the FSA have been defecting and joining the ranks of ISIS on mass. Since the conflict began 4 years ago over 200,000 Syrians have lost their lives and more than 4.8 million Syrians have been displaced. ISIS now control large sections of Syria..

The indiscriminate bombing of Syria over the past year is reminiscent of both Iraq and Libya. The destruction of infrastructure along side civilian deaths from airstrikes has left many Syrians with no choice but to leave.

According to the Guardian;

At least 459 non-combatant deaths, including 100 children, in 52 air strikes”

And according to the Telegraph, more than half of Syria’s hospitals have already been destroyed since the civil war started four years ago. This report was from 2013, so it would be logical to assume that figure is much higher today.

With bombs dropping indiscriminately upon civilian areas, the destruction of more than half of a countries infrastructure and extremely violent extremist groups propped up by the E.U and the U.S’s desire to see an elected official (Assad) ousted and most likely killed, millions of people have been forced to flee Syria and risk their lives by cramming into tiny inflatable boats and traveling hundreds of miles to a place where they will likely be put into glorified concentration camps (interment camps for migrants an asylum seekers). If a person decides to choose the path described instead of staying in their homeland, that says a lot. It is a testament to what happens when a small group of oligarchs play a game of chess with country after country after country. All for political and military control over regions rich in resources.

So what is being done about it? Other than the E.U granting a very small fraction of asylum seekers citizenship, putting some in interment camps, putting up barbed wire fences and letting the rest drown? Other than a mainstream media that points the finger of blame at the so-called smugglers driving the boats while ignoring the reason people are fleeing their homes in the first place? Well, former CIA director David Petraeus has a not-so bright idea. He is urging law makers to use Al Nusra front(Al qaueda in Syria) to fight ISIS. He want’s to use the group that the U.S military have been fighting against for the past ten years or more to fight ISIS. It should be clear by now that the only solution that the U.S government and E.U will get behind is a solution that involves arming and funding a group that shares the same agenda- overthrowing Syrian president Bashar Al Assad.


Sweden’s Failed Experiment

For years, Sweden has taken in more migrants per capita than any other Europe nation. And the experiment has not gone well.

Segregation and unemployment among migrants remain high. Predominantly migrant gangs have developed a habit recently of throwing hand grenades at each other during street battles.

Swedish economist Tino Sanandaji, with the Stockholm School of Economics, warns his country’s model faces collapse.

“You don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict the future,” he told CBN News. “You look at cities like Malmö, Sweden’s third city — that is 20 years ahead. That’s what the rest of Sweden’s going to be.”

“And Malmö, of the 300 Swedish municipalities, it’s bottom 10 in whatever social outcome you look — employment, unemployment, school outcomes, poverty,” he said.

Last year, Swedish police reported that some areas had become dangerous for law enforcement to enter. Officials denied that the areas are no-go zones, but what was described to us by Lars Öjelind, with the Swedish National Police, certainly sounded like no-go zones.

“Police and ambulance and fire brigade, when they are coming to these areas, they are being attacked,” he said. “The kids are throwing stones at them… so let’s say they are more or less riots. The police are attacked by gangsters…there are a lot of firearms, handguns, especially…”

Sweden’s immigration policy doesn’t work. The statistics clearly prove it. So why is Sweden bringing in more and more immigrants? And why are opponents of immigration in Sweden and other Western nations branded as “racist?”

Sanandaji said the Swedish left’s obsession with immigration and racism has become a kind of religious substitute.

“If you want to kind of psychologize, Sweden is one of the most secular countries in the world, okay?” Sanandaji said. “They’ve lost their moral grounding. And the elites in particular are aggressively anti-religion, right?”

“But people, of course, need some kind of spirituality, morality, some values. And instead their values are anti-racism. So they created this alternative reality for themselves where it’s the 1930s and they’re the guys fighting Hitler,” he explained.

But an increasing number of Swedes seem to have finally had enough because the right-wing, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are now the most popular party in the country.

Kent Ekeroth is an MP (member of parliament) for the Sweden Democrats.

“People in local municipalities, government authorities around the country, they’re all saying it’s not working,” he said. “We’re standing before the collapse almost of the system in Sweden. Regular people living the multicultural chaos they created see this.”

Right wing parties are strengthening in most European countries because the establishment seems unwilling or unable to stop the migrant influx. A new poll shows immigration is now the number one political issue in Britain.

“Why would you allow unlimited immigration? It’s madness,” Gerard Batten, a founding member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), declared.

“But it’s a political thing you see. As long as you’ve got these open borders, the left-wing political elite can say, ‘We’re good people because we’re not racist like the nasty people who want to control immigration,'” he said.

Almost a million migrants have arrived in Germany this year. Meanwhile, German public support for open borders is dropping, and  asylum shelters are being firebombed.

The fear of open borders in Europe seems to be the same fear that is helping to power Donald Trump’s surprising campaign for president. Desperate refugees need to be helped. But many are asking, “What will happen to Europe if the refugee surge doesn’t stop?


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