The Importance To Bring Your Passport…

As part of the investigations into the massacres of Paris, it found a Syrian passport next to one of the suicide bombers, died at the Stade de France, after President Hollande had already said that the responsibility for the attacks was attributed to “Islamic state.” In this way it is tyrovata justification for his statement.
For the French executive – which has declared its intention to intervene in Syria against the EIS, in practice against the Syrian Arab Republic and against its President Bashar Assad, constitutionally elected but “must go” – it was an important element in justify its military operation. It seems the prerogative of the French government to use ambiguous language, one hand supporting an organization defined enemy and call the other terrorists who earlier had called “freedom fighters”. Create an enemy has become an axis of Western strategy, as confirmed by the fact that in the imperialist structure, there is a separation between minacia threat from within and outside, between right and pure violence, between citizen and enemy.

The following cartoon best captures the idiocy of anyone actually believing a suicide bomber would have brought their actual passport to what they knew would be their last act on earth.

In Belgium, the Muslim preacher Jean-Louis Denis is under investigation “for inciting young people to the armed jihad in Syria,” because it is believed to have had contact with Sharia4Belgium, a group defined as “terrorist”, which the defendant denies. His lawyer has highlighted the doublethink * the prosecution of this case, declaring the Criminal Court of Brussels: “We sent the children into the arms of the Islamic state in Syria and your services that they did” and He supported his accusations stressing the role played in this deal with an undercover agent from the federal police.
The return of the meanings

As for the massacres of Paris, it would seem that the concern principala terrorists were to be recognized as soon as possible and, unfortunately, this paradox even surprises us. The fact of finding an identity document, miraculously recovered, with written over the name of someone who has just made an attack, it has become a classic.
It is a seizure event that repeats every time the culprit is one of the “jihadist movement”.
In the official version of September 11, the FBI said that he found the intact passport of one of the suicide bombers near one of the towers completely pulverized by the explosions took place at a temperature that can melt steel structures of a skyscraper, but left ” miraculously “intact a piece of paper.

Not even the crash of the fourth plane on a field in Shanksville, prevented the federal police to find the passport of one of the suspected terrorists. This document just burned on one side however, allowed to identify the bomber dalnome and photos. This circumstance is even more disturbing in the impact of the crash of the plane that opened a crater riducenso small pieces fuselage and engine: it is only found – but charred – the passport.
The incredible measure of truth

In the case of Charlie Hebdo, investigators found the identity card of Kouachi brothers in an abandoned car in the north-east of Paris. From this document, the police realized that it was already known individuals from anti-terrorist services to be “pioneers of French jihadism”. Only after seeing the documents began on “shadowing”. How is it that the assassins, who have made an attack in blood freddoche demonstrates a high professional level, you may have made an error of this kind? Dispose of the documents is the ‘ABC of any rubagalline!
After September 11, the incredible has become part of our daily lives. It ‘became the basis of truth. The reason is denied-prohibited. This is not to believe what is said, but to give their commitment to what he says the voice that speaks, no matter what the meaning of what he is saying. This fact becomes more evident, more faith in what is stated devediventare unshakable. The incredible has become the measure and guarantee of truth.
How it was handled the affair of Merah or to Nemouche proves it well. Merah, surrounded by dozens of police, would emerge, freeing the supervision of the special forces, to get out of his house and enter it again to be killed by a “sniper” that would shoot for “self-defense” with the “non-lethal weapons “. Would leave the house to get to a public telephone booth, in order to “conceal his identity,” to make his guilty plea on the phone, talking to a journalist from France 24.
Regarding Nemmouche, the author of the massacre at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, it was reported that he would rid of the weapons, because he had thought of selling them. And just to sell these weapons would choose to travel by public transport more internationally controlled: a bus from Amsterdam, Brussels and Marseille.
A “customs control unexpected” would allow to stop and arrest him.
The ‘improbability and the’ ‘national unity’

However, what we do see is a degree of impossibility that leaves us in a state of disbelief. There petrifies like the look of a Gorgon, makes us feel that there is something wrong with the speech. It shows us that there is a mistake even though we must not take this into account, not because we are wrong but because we see things only “pieces”.
In the end, all that really happens around the attacks, the viewer sees only what is presented on stage. There is something missing in all of this representation and has an effect that leaves us stunned, but this is not due to the dramatic nature of the facts but our inability to decipher them, to decipher what is the reality.
So the viewer can not help but look a likely unit in history trying to give credence to what he is told.

There is a fusion between the spectator and who tells things. Should give up to put distance between themselves and what they are told and shown, it is advisable not to ask too many questions or try to rristabilire the correct meaning of a word. National unity, the merger of those for monitoring and who is monitored, it can relizzarsi only in this way.
Put in place all the faults, all the errors that are in the discourse of power of these attacks have the effect of creating a psychosis and the abolition of any defense mechanism not only to certain specific behaviors, but to ” any action or statement power “for example, to certain laws such as those on information claiming the life out of the fundamental freedoms.
An act of war against the people

Approved in June 2015, the Public Information Act, a project ready for more than a year, it has been presented as a response to the attack at Charlie Hebdo. The law authorizes especially the installation of “black boxes” at the Internet service providers to capture metadata users in real time and also allows the installation of microphones, locator lighting, cameras and spyware. They are subject to these special search techniques – not agents of a foreign power – but the French population.
Then it is treated as an “enemy” of the executive power, the same power that decides and “control” those secret devices. Under the pretext of combating terrorism, this law legalizes measures already in place, providing a permanent fixture of the Executive, and virtually unlimited, illegal surveillance on citizens.
The absence of any results in the prevention of the attacks shows that the real reason for the law
It was flick of readjustment to ‘Hexagon (France) and not terrorists. Diverting nature of intelligence services, counterintelligence and turning them into instruments of “surveillance on citizens”, this law is an act of war against the ideal citizenship.


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